We live in a society of waste and consumerism, but no one has the courage to admit it, because the immediate gratification of every habit and vice makes the human being apathetic and alienated only in producing and consuming, but what makes the commodification of being and existence even more perverse is the obsession with money, whereby money becomes the main and final purpose for which the activities of the productive apparatus can be carried out if and only if they are useful and functional, if and only if they produce profit. So when money becomes the ultimate scope, the apparatus ponders whether to satisfy the needs and requirements of the population, to the extent that they are useful and produce profit.

The disquieting thing is that we are completely addicted and apathetic in the face of this type of consumerism and obsession with money, that humanity has been forced into a single thought which is to do economic accounts and evaluate what is useful for the ego. Then the worst and most concerning fact, it’s that we are not capable of thinking and producing another type of thought for humanity that can give meaning to existence.

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