The existence of being, for Karl Jaspers, is a checkmate of the being and a shipwreck in the impossibility of choice.

Any human being and any living being doesn’t decide to come into the world but rather is catapulted into the existence of the world with birth, that the being hasn’t decided on its own.
Then being and existence must be known, because science and the ultrarational form of technical thought are world and entities, and numbers, figures, and mathematical, physical, and chemical laws, so water exists if and only if we have H2O, but of all these categories of science we have inanimate entities; instead the human being is endowed with rational thought, he is the being who asks questions about the meaning of existence and his being in the world, so the being and existence of the human being is opposed to being of inanimate objects and entities that science observes, for which science and the ultra-rationality of technical thought are unable to grasp the depth of the existence of human beings in the world. The nature of the human being in the world is characterized by acting in freedom in seeking freedom, but this search for free action of the human being is constrained by the relationship of the human being to the world and by the circumstances of the being’s life. Therefore the being catapulted into the world is located in a space-time circumstance, located in a certain historical period and in a certain place in the world and these are already constraints on free action and the search for the freedom of the being to live to its essence. How many life chances could a human being choose? What is the authenticity of existing? The possibility of freedom of the human being makes choice impossible for the human being, as the being is catapulted into the world at a certain moment in history, not by choice, so the authentic existence is the one we can live, not all possible choices of existence. Therefore the being is unable to choose existence and this is evident in the limits of being, such as life, deep pain, anguish, and death, are limit situations over which the human being has no power of choice. Therefore being suffers a setback and a shipwreck of existence since not even science can explain the profound meaning and mystery of existence. What then is the possibility of existence of being?

The possibility of existence, according to Karl Jaspers, is possible through the opening towards being, through a growth of the determined being towards a transcendental existence, this according to Jaspers is possible if the being opens up to the other. If the human being opens up and communicates with the other human being, so the diversity, the truth of the other is not an opposite but is complementary to our existence. Therefore Jaspers stated that in the man-world relationship, we have a possible realization of being through complementarity with others, so the meaning of existence is not exclusively of the individual, but the human being realizes his being in complementarity with the other human being, for whom one comes from the two, from the body of the pregnant woman which contains two existences, with childbirth, another existence is catapulted into the world. So being and existence in the world for Karl Jaspers is given by communication by the exchange of reciprocity and complementarity through which being opens up to the diversity of the other, through which existence flourishes when it brings with it in its life the otherness and diversity of the other, so the union is the complementarity of diversity and communication, intertwining existences.

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