Like Strauss in his famous book “Das Leben Jesu”, The Life of Jesus, treats the idea of God and the existence of Jesus as a myth, thus breaking the idea of the sacred and religious, to simply bring the rational ‘idea of God whether Jesus or Mohammed, as the metaphysical idea of a God created by man through the telling of a myth. Thus, the sacred books of religions are nothing other than cultural production, which mythologizes these historical figures that Strauss does not deny could have existed. What breaks the chains of the religious fence that force the human being to hope for something sacred and miraculous is Sigmund Freud, who in his book “The Future of an Illusion” deals with the origin of religions as a psychological phenomenon of the human being, in fact, describing how religious beliefs reflect the infantile state of the human being, so the idea of an Almighty Father who is able and who comes to our aid to save us is a fallacious idea of the psyche, therefore reflects the infantile idea of a father who can save his children at any moment. according to Freud, «religion would be the universal obsessive neurosis of humanity; like that of the child, it originated from the Oedipus complex, from the paternal relationship.” Freud underlines that «the Gods perform a triple task: they exorcise the terror of natural forces, they reconcile man with the cruelty of Fate, particularly in the form of death, and they offer consolation for the sufferings and privations that a civilized life he imposed.” Furthermore, the spread of religious beliefs occurs over the centuries for very specific reasons, let us remember for example how the Ancient Romans persecuted the Christians in Palestine, we see that the progressive spread of religious beliefs, the secularization of books and religious culture over the centuries occurs because of the religions and their prophets and messiahs in mythical stories, we see that they are on the side of the poor, on the side of the least of the ill, therefore the populations still saw in religious belief an anchor of salvation from their hardships of earthly life, a pious illusion, an incredible illusion with which religious beliefs over the centuries plagiarize multitudes of people, with the fallacious idea that religious belief has defeated the greatest limit of every human being, namely death. Christianity and Islam affirm a profoundly false but at the same time fascinating idea for the human psyche, the defeat of death and the resurrection of the soul, concepts completely disconnected from the contingent and concrete existence of the human being, made of suffering, since the human being lives in search of a meaning to his existence, while at the end of life has to confront death that involves the collapse of every meaning of existence.

Therefore religion offers a pious illusion in the tragic search for the existential meaning of mankind’s life, through the scenario of salvation and life after death, nothing more false and blinding for masses of people who passively accept their condition of poverty, subordination to theocratic religious power, and the deprivation of all civil liberties and rights. This is the Theocratic Dictatorial Islamic world, and the responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinian people lies entirely with the Arab countries and the Palestinian Governments who have done nothing and continue to do nothing for the Palestinian people, except send civilians to massacre making them slaves of extremist Islamist paramilitary organizations. So why do Arab countries, Theocratic and Monarchical dictatorships aren’t willing to stop inciting and indoctrinating religious extremism and war against Israel and the Jewish people? Muslim Theocratic regimes utilize secular and historical hypocrisies, religious beliefs, and manipulations of the populations in the Intifada, and the use of the Palestinian region and the civilian population as a proxy to bring religious conflict against Israel and the Jewish people. Therefore, the Arab countries must stop using rhetoric, false syllogisms, and false empathy for the Palestinian issue, to prolong the tension of conflict, using the Palestinian population as pawns, and the state of Israel and the Jewish population as an opponent. The hypocrisy and false correctness of the Arab and Muslim countries trying to hide how the populations in the Arab countries do not have civil rights are indoctrinated and persecuted by theocratic regimes, while sultans and sheiks live in comfort, trampling on the lives and rights of millions of Arabs.

Indeed, the political theocrat dictators who manage the Palestinian territories live comfortably in Qatar, doing nothing other than through theocratic indoctrination, forcing poor Palestinian civilians to suffer poverty, to be human shields for the paramilitary Jihadist militias. Then the Arab countries should examine their conscience because it’s very easy to make rhetoric from the distance and the comfort of the golden palaces of power knowing that millions of Arabs do not have civil rights and are constantly pushed to emigrate to other parts of the world, where they are welcomed, given a job, the possibility of having a possible existence, freedom of worship, civil rights and duties, under the jurisdiction of the Rule of Law.

What have the Arab countries and their Theocratic dictators ever done for the Arab populations? What the Arab Theocrats dictators sheiks have ever done for the Arab people, if not only to tell them their lives should be sacrificed for a Theocratic religious Dictat ? With what courage do the Arab Theocrats, and politicians talk to us about empathy & compassion?

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