Technology, social media and propaganda made with the mass media pose an epochal paradox that erodes the foundations of logical thinking and unambiguous communication, both at the basis of the principle of non-contradiction. Above all, technology, social media and the continuous reproduction of images with streaming platforms constantly erode the foundation of the univocity of communication, since among the sociological phenomena found in social media there is a multiplicity of meanings attributed to the unique value of communication, for which we have the negation of the principle of non-contradiction. this mutation in the univocity of communication causes modern generations to retreat in their ability to dialogue and communicate in a complete and univocal manner, which is capable of giving complete logical meaning. If we consider that we are able to think in proportion to the quantity of words we know and which can be used by our speech functions.

Then anybody needs to understand that social media and communication through technological means are diminutive of the logical abilities of thought and communication, as well as changing the validity of the univocity of communication, therefore attributing multiple meanings to a lemma, making communication ineffective. Just think of the communication made with emojis, likes, and all the interaction icons. These are nothing more than a mutation of the language made up of cognitive and locutionary functions, to icons to which they attribute a multiplicity of meanings as well as eliminating the cognitive function of creating the word and the logic of the sentence. And then technologies and social media are pejorative of the human intellect, because the constant viewing of images through streaming platforms diminishes the cognitive functions of the brain, to the contrary, when a word is read the human brain must generate an image associated with that term to contextualize the word & give a logical figurative sense. Emojis substitute and eliminate the creation of the word of speech and the complete meaning of speech, so the cognitive faculties of thought and uniqueness of speech are eroded and gradually lost due to non-use until the quantity of words known tends to decrease so the ability to think and express thoughts decreases and atrophies.

when we observe in concreteness social media, also as an invention. Becomes evident that these digital platforms are useless and nothing more than a digital artifact. Social Media platforms are, what most distant to human beings’ lives, In the artificial digital world of Social Media, nobody meets another human being in its physical and conscious human body. The human being does not exist in the Social Media artefact world, and this clearly determines the uselessness of Social Media, a Bubble dimension.

Social Media platforms don’t have any useful, rational, and purposeful function in society. Societies are made of human beings that need ineluctably to speak to each other, the concrete body of life made of heart, flesh, breath, consciousness, emotions, feelings, logos, and dialogue. What is concretely human, of the natural world, does not exist on Social Media. Simply does not exist, social media are not a concrete fact of life, nor a fact of societies and human beings. Social Media are intangible, and an artificial construct completely obscure and falsifying of the natural human being. Human beings talking and having conversations with other fellow Human beings, that’s the real world, and that’s the only possible concrete form of action, in which thought and consciousness take form in the physical action of dialogue. The Natural world, the concrete world of natural human bodies, that’s the true and only possible dimension of life, natural life. True Human life experience. Confronted to this, Social Media are an obstacle and impediment to the natural human experience of association, of logos and dialogues, the body-to-body physical relation of dialogue, conversation and togetherness. So, the Social Media digital world is a bubble, a dystopian bubble mindset made of what is most distant from the true Natural World inhabited by human beings and other animals and forms of life. Social Media are an obstacle, a problem, a barrier, an enclosure, a space of relegation confined to the codes of the digital world, and all software are sets of predefined codes for predefined sets of actions and interactions. Outside of those codes, the software won’t work, and there’s no videogame if you don’t do exactly only what the codes allow you to do in the videogame. So the digital world is an artefact, an artificial dystopian dimension, that is also limited, profoundly limited to the set of codes possible that make the software. Social Media have huge limits and are confined to a dystopian dimension, that’s intangible, and doesn’t exist, social media are not part of the natural world, they have not derived from the evolution of the universe and the origin of the species and all forms of life on Earth. Social Media are completely useless, and a waste. An obstacle and impediment for Human beings and societies to associate and do the most natural thing, that characterizes human beings, as to talk to each other in the bodily action of consciousness that is dialogue and dialectic, In concrete, the Social Media artificial dystopian digital dimension of a limited world set by codes. It’s only a problem for humanity, a superfluous addiction, a waste of time and an enormous waste of money. Social Media stocks’ rationale existence and valuations are irrational and based on nothing concrete, of the natural world. Social Media don’t have any value or price and a very limited and enclosed existence, superfluous waste. Something that it’s not even of the real natural world of human beings, societies and all forms of natural existence.



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