“To crush any revolt in advance, one must not use violence. Methods such as those used by Hitler are outdated. It is enough to develop such a powerful collective conditioning that the very idea of revolt will not even cross people’s minds.
Ideally, individuals should be conditioned to limit their innate biological capabilities from birth. Then, the conditioning process would continue by drastically reducing education to bring it back to a form of integration into the world of work.
An uneducated individual has only a limited horizon of thought, and the more his thoughts are confined to mediocre concerns, the less he can rebel. Access to knowledge must be made increasingly difficult and elitist. The gulf between people and Science must be widened. Any subversive content must be eliminated from information intended for the general public. Above all, there must be no philosophy. Here too, we must use persuasion and not direct violence: we will massively transmit entertainment through television which always exalts the virtues of the emotional and the instinctive. We will fill people’s minds with the trivial and the funny. It is good to prevent the mind from thinking through music and incessant chatter. Sexuality will be given first place among human interests. As a social tranquillizer, it doesn’t get any better. In general, care will be taken to banish the seriousness of life, mock all that is highly valued, and constantly defend frivolity: so that the euphoria of advertising becomes the standard of human happiness and the model of freedom. Conditioning alone will thus produce such integration that the only fear – which must be maintained – will be that of being excluded from the system and therefore of no longer being able to access the conditions necessary for happiness. The mass-produced man in this way must be treated for what he is: a calf, and must be watched, like a herd. Anything that relieves his lucidity is socially good, anything that might awaken it must be ridiculed, stifled, and fought against. Any doctrine that questions the system must first be designated as subversive, and those who support it must then be treated as such.”

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