When we observe the Universe, becomes evident the insignificant meaning of planet Earth in the Milky Way, and the insignificant meaning of the Milky Way compared to other galaxies and the expansion of the Universe. Well, on the 22nd of June 1633, Galileo Galilei’s abjuration, as a scientist,

was the historical moment of refutation of the ignorance and the dogmatic imposed belief of the Church, and of what it’s a complete mystification of all the laws of physics and understanding of the real structure of the Universe, the world, and of matter.

Science has made enormous steps, and we know much more now than ever before, but still, there’s a lot, humanity and science need to learn, however, at the base and foundation of any learning process there’s the principle of refusing any dogma and any dogmatic imposition when we read about Einstein’s relativity theory, we start to understand the relativity of observation of things, in relation to time, and how many observers see the same thing moving, each observer at a different time, that equates to the time for the speed of light to travel. Simultaneity of observation, it’s something very difficult to achieve when many observers are involved in the process. It’s actually since the Ancient Greek philosophers that human beings have theorized of the inexistence of time, at least of its relativity, for example, when we consider the flatline of time taken by a clock, and the flat line of time with which measure history, compare and contrast with the internal time of any human being. The perception of internal time is unique to any person and it doesn’t move in a flat line.

In a sense, the internal perception of time of any person is exactly the relativity of observation of things, in relation to the speed of light to travel and show objects steady and also moving objects. But not all observers see a moving object at the same exact instant.
Einstein’s theory explains quite a lot and the relativity in observation of the real world, moving objects, and people, have become founding theories of modern physics.
When considering planet Earth moving in the Milky Way and across the universe, and the relative structures of observation and measure of time humanity has theorized, then becomes clear that the measure of time and speed of Sunlight would not be the same, being observed from other points in the Milky way, let alone from other points of observation in other galaxies and other parts of the Universe, probably sunlight would take million light years to travel and thereof time would be a complete different measure and concept.
In fact within the Milky Way the measure of time of one single day, for any known planet differs, and one day on Earth, is roughly 24 hours, while a day on Pluto would take roughly 153 hours, and any other orbiting planet has a day measured in hours that are not the same of planet Earth, and that related to the speed of rotation on its own axe of any planet and moon in the Milky Way.

As with abjuration Galileo Galilei refuted all dogmatic dictates of the Church, only to open the eyes of humanity to physics laws that regulate nature, Earth, and the Universe, so anybody should not accept in any way that the actual Economic, Social system is the only one possible according to which humanity can organize its existence on Earth, as Leibniz would say, the best of possible worlds, but certainly not the only possible world, that the whole of humanity can achieve.
Thereof, Becomes anyone’s duty to refute with force, to bow our heads, tap our ears, blind our eyes, and in a silent tap of the everybody plastic card party; live without thinking chained by the dogmatic dictatorship that capitalism and liberalism and these monetary theories are the DIKTAT, the DOGMA, the REGIME.
There isn’t any DOGMA, there aren’t DIKTAT, even less nobody not any single human being should ever be chained under any REGIME, especially to a REGIME of IDEAS and IDEOLOGIES.

Then Becomes very clear that economic regimes and economic theories have been imposed as dogma and diktat that can not be refused, but science demonstrates with relativity that the dogma of the uniformity of the points of observation when observing moving bodies according to classic physics is a fallacy and a misrepresentation of the physical world, and that makes even more powerful that when observing our world and nature, the dogma capitalism and liberalism isn’t acceptable and these are not the only economic theory and economic structure possible to achieve, monetarism is not the only possible theoretical set of assumptions for the theory of money.

duty of any human being to refute any dogmatic diktat and any dictatorial structure.

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