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TOMATOES PRICES are truly interesting. The largest Sigma increase in tomato prices has been between 1990/93. After, the United States has become a huge TOMATO producer, one of the largest globally. 2022, 453g Tomato price $1.9 Dollar, only $0.57 cents higher than the median price of $1.43.

Indeed, another very interesting data from the Tomato data series, every 0.51% change in Variance, the price Standard Deviation = 7.10%.

this stat shows United States Tomato production per year since 2000 has been between 10mln tons and 14.6 million tons, about 40% and more of United States tomato production serves the American market. In-country production clearly helps price stability.

DXY peaks in 2004. The housing market was great. Tomatoes’ yearly price Variance of 15.5% then becomes a 39.37% standard deviation from the base price at the start of the Year. January price $1.47, December $2.47. 15.5% Variance determined a $1.0 dollar swing for a 453gr packet of fresh tomatoes. roughly 70% increase in price in 12 months.