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The polarization of populations with the spread of nationalism and populism are the parallel alignment of political lobbies with Asian dictatorships.
the political classes of the West are lacquers of the financial regime from which they receive tens of thousands in stock dividends payments, very often simply plebs who, since the dawn of time, have dishonoured the institutions simply by pocketing and creating cronyism and corruption, where the principle always applies ” Pecunia non olet “; although their political compensations for serving in the public office gets financed with public debt supported by the State.
Political lobbies corrupted by financial oligarchies demean democratic values, using the votes of citizens and institutional offices to claim the power to decide on the life, choices and inalienable rights of citizens enshrined in the constitutions, effectively distorting and abusing the legislative power and decision-making conferred to institutional offices.
The petty spread of populism and ignorance, the greatest aberration of culture and education, occurs through the methodical use of propaganda through the mud machine of social media; which thus become the fertile ground for the seeds of ignorance, of false models of values, of false messiahs, and of the idolatry of the contingent, sacrificing the common good and the peace of humanity.
The principle of “Divide et Impera” where the popular masses are polarized to the extremes, fueling the social conflict and the destabilization of democracies, making them weak in the face of nationalist-popular and authoritarian regimes, for which national-populism and authoritarian democracies become a ‘plausible social order, whereby once again the inalienable human rights and the democratic principles cornerstones of institutional architectures are
set aside, if not directly attacked. When the national-populism rhetoric and actions, from the March on Rome of the Fascist dictatorship in Italy, the repeated attacks on the Bundestag, up to the fire made by the Nazi, National-Socialist regime, are repeated with the same rhetorical incendiary of totalitarian regimes.
National-populism and authoritarian democracy would pretend to nullify the cornerstone values of the West Democratic order enshrined by the universal suffrages applied to the right to vote in free elections, effectively regulating the popular masses in social regimes, making the Democracies of the Occident weak serves and bent to the clientelism of dictatorships and global financial oligarchies.

Peace, stability, the right to life, the right of having an education, the rights of equal opportunities and fairness, the rights to free and fair elections. Those are all inalienable universal human rights, enshrined by international conventions and the founding constitutions of all Democracies.