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The new electric 500 represents a milestone for Fiat. The first model born full electric in the history of the Italian manufacturer will not immediately replace the current generation, which will remain on the list for a few more years with hybrid, petrol and LPG powertrains. The New Fiat 500 is based on a new specific platform and brings to the debut some technologies for infotainment and assisted driving: it will be offered only with battery and will arrive in European dealerships next summer, but the manufacturer is already considering whether to export the Battery operated Cinquino also in the United States. The electric Fiat 500 can be ordered from 4 March in the full optional launch version, La Prima, at a price of 37,900 euros. Subsequently, other less rich set-ups will arrive, which will make up a range that will also include a version with a fixed roof that will complement the convertible. At the moment no other versions have been announced, except for the one-offs of the New 500 signed by Armani, Kartell and Bulgari.

500 from the very first glance.

Although it has considerably evolved in style, the New 500 does not betray its origins, re-proposing the style details that characterized the previous generation. The round headlights remain but now split between the bumper and the bonnet, where the upper part of the ellipse of the daytime running lights is integrated. The Fiat symbol is no longer on the front (the writing is present only on the rear): in the centre of the grille there is the 500 logo and the air intakes are reduced to a minimum. A new LED turn indicator makes its debut on the side, integrated between the hood and the wheel arch, while the rear remains faithful to the original setting, with vertically developing headlights and a clean look.

It grows in size.

Being based on totally new mechanics, the new generation of the city car has slightly different dimensions compared to the current models with heat engine. Six centimeters longer than today’s 500, the New 500 measures three meters and 61 centimeters in length and 169 cm in width (+6 cm). The wheelbase has also increased by 2 cm (232 cm) and it is precisely between the two axles that the technicians have decided to position the battery pack, in order to lower the center of gravity of the car to the benefit of driveability.

400 km of autonomy in the city.

The New Fiat 500 is powered by a 118 HP (87 kW) electric motor powered by a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery: autonomy in the Wltp cycle is 320 km, which rises to 400 km in urban use. The New 500 is equipped with an 85 kW charger that allows you to restore 50 km of range in just five minutes, reaching 80% of the charge in 35 using compatible columns. To fill up with electrons at home, you can use the 7.4 kW Easy Wallbox (six hours for a full charge). The maximum speed, self-limited, is 150 km / h. The 0-100 km / h takes nine seconds, while the 0-50 km / h is closed in 3.1 seconds.

Three driving modes.

For the first new generation electric, Fiat has developed three different driving modes. In addition to the Normal, designed to drive the car like a traditional car, the New 500 includes the Range and Sherpa. The first allows you to drive the car in one pedal mode: during release, both energy recovery and deceleration increase and it is necessary to intervene on the brake pedal only in an emergency or to stop the car completely. Sherpa mode, on the other hand, is designed to guarantee the driver to reach the set destination or a charging station. With this function, the car’s energy consumption is minimized: the speed is limited to 80 km / h, the throttle response is reshaped and the heated seats and air conditioning are deactivated (however, it is possible to reactivate them manually).

New Android infotainment.

The electric 500 also brings new technologies for the brand to its debut: an example is the Uconnect 5 infotainment based on the Android Automotive operating system with a 10.25 “screen and connected functions. The multimedia system is compatible with both Android Auto and Android wireless modes. and Apple CarPlay: moreover, thanks to the Telematic Box Module, the infotainment allows the owner to remotely control various parameters of the car. Through a smartphone app it is possible to view the charge status, the remaining range, the position of the vehicle and other information. The New Fiat 500 also features various safety and driver assistance systems such as active cruise control with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists, trajectory maintenance, automatic emergency braking, Attention Assist and the Urban Blind Spot with ultrasonic sensors. For driving at low speeds (below 20 km / h) there is an acoustic warning for pedestrians, l’Avas, which plays the music of “Amarcord” by Nino Rota.

The first.

For the launch of the New 500, Fiat has decided to create a special series, a limited edition of 500 for each national market, which is called “La Prima”. Already orderable online on the company’s website, the electric is characterized by a full optional set-up available in three colors – Mineral Gray, Ocean Green and Celestial Blue – only in convertible version with hood with Monogram pattern. Aesthetic details such as the chrome inserts for the side and the window frames, the 1 of 500 badge, the eco-leather upholstery and the diamond-coated 17 “alloy wheels are provided as standard. Adas series ranging from adaptive cruise control to maintaining the trajectory up to automatic emergency braking. All 500 La Prima cars will also have 10.25 “Uconnect 5 connected infotainment, 7” digital instrument panel and of the 85 kW charger. To book an example of the launch series, simply pay a deposit of 500 euros following the instructions on the dedicated website: by entering your zip code, you can also view the final price net of local incentives.