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Democracy, our society, our values, our identities are constantly jeopardized by the concept of fluid society and globalism. Our identity as natural human beings are threatened and with it the sacred value of human life. Every human life has its own unique genetic code & it’s sacred.
Human life has been objectified as a supermarket product that can be used, thrown away and changed in the early years of life. The most important building cornerstone of our society, Family, has been constantly threatened by globalism and fluid society. Families are the essential cornerstone of the procreation, education and formation of the new generations, the place of affection and solidarity in communities. Biological human identities are threatened by lobbies and gender propaganda in schools, mass media and institutions. This gender propaganda particularly affects the rights of women. With that, the values of Christianity and the roots of Christianity in our society are threatened, by absolute relativism and aggressive bigot atheism, which in the end facilitates fundamentalist proselytism. The secularity of the State gets utilized as a cudgel against the symbols of Christianity. While we pretend not to see in Europe that entire neighbourhoods are in the hands of Islamic law. Workplaces in our society are threatened by monstrous taxation and credit costs burdens that choke freedom of enterprise, the competition and depletion of wages caused by globalization without rules and speculative financialization that crushes the real economy & workers rights. Borders are constantly under pressure by criminal organizations that profit from human trafficking, while mass media propaganda declares that society needs more illegal immigration, our countries are filled with new poverty and desperation that often end up working for criminals and their criminal organizations in our countries. Our history and Democracy are threatened by globalist that pretend to cancel our roots, our history while denying that the memory of our history has given the foundation to our Democracy and society. Our patriotic values that hold together our country are threatened, our communities, borders, history and identities are threatened. The integrity of our countries has become essential to be safeguarded, against globalism, liquid society, but also internal secessionism financed by aggressive speculative finance that tries to disarticulate Nations to make them weak.