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The blue chips index DAX30 has been tethering on overextended and overbought market conditions, where the MACD oscillator on a week time scale already signal in June a Divergence Sell Signal that has seen a consolidation peak trading range getting closer to the upper edge of the Bollinger Band as a decisive market sell signal for the DAX30. The RSI oscillator as well clearly draws out a double top pattern tethering in overbought conditions, thereby requiring prudence from investors as the whole GDAXI market can go on reversal in order to have a correction of overbought conditions. Other metrics of the DAX30 as the Value at Risk and Skewness could hint at a correction, in fact, the Value at Risk 1.77 sets a 5% probability of a -4,75% drawdown, the Skewness -0.57 describes a negative asymmetry of returns in the normal standard distribution that can spark fat tail drawdowns with volatility larger than 5% VaR, Expected Shortfall -0.635 also reinforces the probability of a DAX30 drawdown between -4,75%<-6,5%, where the Ichimoku Kijun line could be a technical support area GDAXI 14750 points.