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The chart for GBP/USD exchange rate on a daily time scale has provided clear technical signals of trend reversal with a Sell signal. In fact, the GBP/USD trendline has been hinging against the 200 days moving average line and a Sell signal has been the outcome, indeed also turning around at the upper channel trendline drifting down toward the most recent point of control GBP/USD 1.1879. The MACD oscillator also could be turning to the downside. The GBP/USD trendline seems clearly drifting to the downside of the channel with a -3.15% depreciation with an exchange rate of GBP/USD 1.156, even though the GBP/USD exchange rate trendline could have to drift on the previous point of control GBP/USD 1.1295 with a -5.50% depreciation.