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Pound-denominated equities are among the worst globally for investors, UK equities and stocks are very bad and unprofitable investments. The FTSE 250 a basket of mid-cap stocks has been constantly among the worst index globally for returns, in fact, the skewness distribution of FTSE 250 returns equals -56,6% an awful damaging money-losing proposition for any kind of investor.

The chart below of the FTSE 250 highlights some relative weakness that could lead to a -12% correction on downdrift to the edge of the Bollinger band channel before a technical market support level could be found in the 16800 points area of the FTSE 250. However, the FTSE 250 index can be considered as a woeful investment, with dangerous downside risk, from peak to through the FTSE250 index could decline in fact -56.6% down to 10600 points for the index.

FTSE 250 statistical metrics table see the index with a positive distribution of 22% in the value of the index, compare and contrast with an awful returns skewness of -56.6%, which means FTSE 250 index Returns and profitability are substantially negative and something to avoid for investors. portfolios.

Daily sigma 1.04% while 12 months sigma equals 16.5%. Important the Value At Risk parameters as the FTSE 250 has always been characterized by large drawdowns and large fat tails daily volatility.