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FedFundEffectiveRate 0.83%. Taking datasets 1954/2022. Followed up with an interest rate model forecast. T-Stat derives a p-value 5.34% that could be attainable. Fed Fund equilibrium interest rate 4.6%>4.56%. Variance of 2.59% & volatility 1.61%= flexibility stdv from the forecast 1.14%. The actual Federal Fund rate upper limit 1.0%, lower limit 0.75%. In other words, considering the model forecast of 1.14% over a 12 months horizon. Factorising the Interest rate Volatility 1.61% = FFER 2.75%. That would be in line with the estimated projections of 50 basis point increases in the upcoming FOMC. However, important to discern that the Fed Fund rate equilibrium parameter = 4.6%. Hence, the data supports a higher Federal Fund rate, most importantly describing a neutral level at 4.56%<4.6%, well above 2.5%, thereby answering directly to the high Inflationary monetary policy.