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The chart for the EUR/USD exchange rate on a daily time scale actually provides some technical details of a possible trend reversal and a sell signal of depreciation for the Euro in the exchange rate. The EUR/USD trendline peaked at €UR/U$D 1.048 to then start forming a DoubleTop bearish pattern, that has been consolidating between the 200-day moving average and the ICH Tenkan line. This narrow technical level would see probably a one-day powerful volatile move to the downside -1.09% for the EUR/USD exchange rate a VaR 99 -1.06% volatility with the exchange rate depreciating to EUR/USD 1.0275, while the overall EUR/USD depreciating move has the potential of tracing back down to the most recent point of control EUR/USD 0.998, at the hedge of Euro/Dollar parity.



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