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DXY chart on a daily time scale, provides technical factors hinting to a DXY trend reversal. Dollar Index has tested upper boundary within a downtrend channel, intraday DXY has been going to test the Ichimoku Tenkan Line and while also challenging DXY 92.42 200 days SMA, going forward in approaching confirmation of trend reversal with retracement to DXY 90, whenever the trendline would drift through the IKH Senkou A/B nuage.

Furthermore, oscillators in the chart do also provide technical signals of an ongoing trend reversal, hinting at a softening of the DXY, ergo the USDollar, in fact, the RSI has formed a double top pattern hinting to a down drifting of the oscillator line, the MACD also seems on a blue on red line cross approaching a trend reversal signal.

The DXY 91.50>91.40 would be likely a support level based on DXY price action, however, a further downside retracement on to DXY 90 could be in the real of datasets generated by the DXY being those January and February lows.