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Short term dollar money market T-Bills have seen intraday a yield curve jittering inversion, with the 1-Month T-Bill rising as much as 0.127%, while settling around 0.068%. above the 3-Month 0.048% and with the 6-Month T-Bills 0.068%, thereby the 1 Month T-Bill yield more than the 3-Month, while having a similar yield to maturity of the 6-Month T-Bill. Where the overall yield curve has prompted signs of consistent yield increases, with the overall U.S. stock and issuance of Treasuries debt perceived as somewhat riskier.

In fact, the 2-Year Treasury auction has seen a considerable premium being asked on the yield of the U.S. debt security, 0.62%, compared to a median yield of 0.57% and a low yield of 0.43%. The auction brought $58.0 billion dollars in new debt issuance, covered with $29.0 billion at 0.57%, $2.9 billion tendered with 0.43% yield, while the remaining amount could have been tendered for 90.18% at the high yield. The 2-Year Treasury debt security auction has been marketed below par $99.75, while also the coupon has increased to 0.50%.

The United States 5-year Credit Default Swap also increased to 15.4, impling a 0.26% probability of default.

As of Q2, 2021, All sectors debt securities and loans liability, level stood at $85.02 Trillion Dollar. Compare and contrast with $4.53 Trillion of total FINANCIAL ASSETS in Money Market Funds. All Commercial Banks total Assets amount $22.5 Trillion dollars. although CASH ASSETS at All Commercial BAnks amount to $ 4.08 Trillion dollar.