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The Brent Crude chart on a monthly time scale sees Brent Crude price trend line having drifted above the Senkou A/B nuage as an uptrend signal, although a major uptrend confirmation signal could be verified with the Brent Crude price trend line drifting above the 200-month moving average, as a clear input of sustained Brent Crude prices above $69<$70 dollars p/b. The lagging span line signals uncertainty as struggles to drift through the Kijun and Tenkan line, although a Double bottom pattern also provides input of a consistent uptrend; where the price trendline drifting above the 200-month m.a. $74.49, would provide a boost to the buy signal with $77.50 and $87 dollars p/b potential.

GLOBAL OIL DEMAND as of Q1 2021 has been estimated MMstb/d 95.99mln mean while OPEC and Non-OPEC supply would be estimated MMstb/d 88.40mln, thereof it seems that at current prices there could be an estimated shortage of 7.5mln MMstb/d, that could become the supply structural feature for higher Crude Oil and Energy prices