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The Brent Crude Oil chart on a wider timescale seems to provide some technical indicators that prices of Brent Crude Oil could have technically peaked. In the chart, it’s possible to see a wider channel structure that pierced the upper channel line in a big price/volume spike to then reverse to the downside, in a futures market hedging mechanical manner, by starting to sell in the market Brent Crude Oil Futures at the highest price of the Futures curve, that we could see it’s in backwardation. Observing the retracement becomes possible to gather Brent Crude Prices points of technical importance for the price/volume trendline. Those levels could be the 0.50 line on $ 78 dollars, while most important becomes the point of control line that matches the Brent Crude median price of $67.8 dollars, with the volume data, it’s possible to see how the largest volumes traded in Brent Crude spot prices have been 8.09Mx10.082M contracts at the median price $ 68.7, and 9.422Mx6.157M between $72.7<$77 Dollars.

By this chart becomes possible to understand that Brent Crude Oil prices and energy-related prices could decrease by -8.67% to -18.15% to match the median price of $ 67.8.